What are your prices?

Please see our services page for pricing information.

Do you require a contract?

NO!  We do not feel the need to “lock you in” with a contract.  You simply tell us if you would like weekly or bi-weekly service and that is what you will get.  We do require all of our residential customers to keep a credit card on file for billing purposes.

Do you service my location all year?

Yes.  We do recommend that you have us service your location all year long.  You don’t want to just stop service in the fall and winter months, however it is not as frequent as the spring and summer months.  Maintaining your lawn in the fall and winter months is typically only a handful of times to keep your lawn healthy.

Do you mow in the rain?

A little bit of rain or drizzle will not hurt us (or your lawn).  However if there is a storm we will typically schedule for the next day weather permitting.

What time will you mow my lawn?

Our crews start around sun up each morning and usually finish up around sun down.

What about bagging?

We use commercial mowers that typically prevent the need for bagging, even if you’ve had to bag in the past with your mower at home. If it becomes an issue, we do offer bagging at an additional charge.

What if I have a dog or pet?

Any area that has a locked gate or an unsecured animal will not be worked on and the customer will still owe the full price for a regular visit.  While we won’t work around unsecured animals or attempt to enter a property that is locked, we will, however, maintain the remainder of the property.  Magic Lawn Service suggests securing your animals on scheduled maintenance days. This way we will be able to take care of the yard for you.

What about property damage?

Please contact us immediately if there is any property that is damaged by our crew. The most common damage is sprinkler head, drain cap, or valve cover. Upon your notification, we will repair the damage in a timely manner. We will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property that we were not made aware of, or allowed to repair in a timely manner. If we are unable to repair the damage professionally, we will make arrangements to hire someone who is qualified to make the repair. To report any damage please contact us by phone or email.

Are you insured?

We are fully insured and can provide information upon request. We have a $2 Million Liability Insurance Policy, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, and a Commercial Auto Policy for all of our vehicles.  NOTE: If a company isn’t insured properly, you could be liable for accidents or injuries during their time on your property.

Do you have to be licensed for sprinklers?

YES!!  The state of Texas requires anyone that is selling, designing, consulting, installing, maintaining, altering, repairing, or servicing an irrigation system be licensed by Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). If you are hiring someone to work on or install a sprinkler system, ALWAYS ask them for their license number.  Our license number is LI22752

Can you mow my yard just one time?

While we do accept “single visit” customers during certain times of the year, they will not be given preference over our regular customers’ scheduling.

How and when do I pay for my lawn maintenance?

Residential Customers:

We require a credit card to be kept on file.  We charge your card for the service amount on the following day after your service has been provided.

Commercial Customers:

This will determined in your service agreement.

What if I need to cancel a service trip?

If you need to “skip” a service trip please call at least 48 hours before your scheduled service day.  If you have not called 48 hours before your service day you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee.

How do I cancel all together?

If you decide that our services are no longer needed please call us at 325-428-9691, or email us at info@magiclawnservice.com and let us know at least 5 days before your next scheduled visit so that we can stop your billing.  If you fail to cancel before that time you will be billed for that visit.  Once you have informed us that you are canceling your service you will receive a confirmation email.